Did She Read That?

Today, while grocery shopping with a very tired toddler I used the grocery list trick to occupy her to prevent meltdown. It goes something like, "I have a really important job for you. You get to hold the list and tell Mom what's on it." Most of the time it works like a charm.

Off to the produce aisle first. Carrots. Check. Bananas. Check. Celery. Check. All is going quite smoothly. Then I pass the broccoli without putting any in the cart. From the cart I hear, "Mom needs the broccoli." Huh. "Get the broccoli, Mom." Okay. It was on the list. We hadn't gone over the list. If only she loved broccoli, but she doesn't eat it. Double hmmm. I'm sure it was purely coincidence, but it is going to be nice when the day comes and I do have a list reader in the cart!

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