Hanging Chads Not Allowed

Yes, the Mullin family voted in today's election. Clare came along as our cheerleader. Idaho, you might want to consider upgrading your election system. No voting booths, which means no fun curtains to hide and grimace behind because you don't have a TV, don't listen to the radio, and don't read the local paper and therefore have absolutely no idea what several of the ballot measures are even addressing. Just long tables with semi-adequate dividers between voting stations. Come on, Idaho. Even Nondalton had privacy, including voting booths with curtains. And, when I voted there and brought my ballot up it didn't get opened up so any interested party could see, then dropped in a box. Not that anyone even cares whom I voted for, but there is the principle of it all. And to add insult to injury, there was no candy at the end. Hmmm......

On a brighter note, our walk to the post office took just a little longer today as there were piles of leaves all over the sidewalk that LLSS couldn't resist. She was pretty cute tromping through soggy leaves, picking up handfuls and putting them back in yards.

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