Raining in the Desert

After a failed attempt at firewood collection (truck issues) we headed to Cambridge for a little arts and crafts show. There was some interesting stuff, but mostly it was a bit too "country" for my taste. Just really not my style. It was a nice drive and we extended it by driving to Brownlee Reservoir to check out the dam. Quite a feat of engineering there. Lots of concrete and blasting involved in the building of that one.

Clare's new expression is, "What is Mom figuring out?", or "What is Dad figuring out?" when we are working on something she doesn't quite understand. She also made a reference to bodily functions today as "butt music", as in, "Daddy is making butt music." Can't wait for her to use that one at the post office or the library.

Oh yeah, it's raining here tonight, which, unlike Sitka, is really something to write about.

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