60 Posts 60 Days: Day 46

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

It's a good thing we have plenty of activities to fill our days before this baby arrives. Chudda came for a visit. Grandma and Grandpa are in town now. There is the much-anticipated trip to the zoo in the next few days. And of course there are more birthday presents that the little girl doesn't even know about on the actual day of her birth. Then the arrival of Cheda and Auntie Gee Gee.

A few things have been off limits. We haven't been to the playground in a while because I am really not interested, or capable at the point, in monitoring the every move of hand to mouth, nose, or eye to prevent the possible spread of germs, that pesky H1N1 in particular. We haven't been to the library during peak kid hours for the same reason. It's pretty much been a self-isolation routine until we can get ourselves some vaccine...hopefully this Saturday and get our little immune systems up to date with necessary antibodies!!!! Of course, there is only 35% coverage for those under ten so we will likely continue to isolate ourselves for another few weeks until Clare can get the second vaccine on board. Plus, even if he does get some immunity from me, there is still the exposure of wee baby Mullin to consider. He can't have the vaccine until he is six months old. And the jury is apparently still out on us preggos. At first there were reports that we too might need a second dose, but that information has not been updated in some time. And what if you might only be pregnant for, say, two more weeks. Is a second dose still required? Ah, the questions that remain....

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