60 Posts 60 Days: Day 54

Get Your Heiny on Board

Side note first: Heiny is not in the dictionary...what the hell? That's approved slang for butt, isn't it? As in, "Get your heiny over here." Merriam-Webster, you might just need an update!!!

Anywho, heiny is what we call H1N1 around here. Today there was a vaccination clinic within a reasonable distance at a reasonable time of day on a day when the weather was decent and I hadn't spent the previous evening at the hospital due to pregnancy. All systems are go! We did have to wait an hour and a half, but Mike and I are now fully vaccinated and will hopefully be immune within seven to ten days. Clare has another dose in four weeks. The shot was cake. The nasal mist Clare received was, well, not well received. I made the error of telling her what was going to happen, at which point she clamped both her hands over her nose, buried her head in my chest and refused to come out. I had to pry her hands from her face and Mike had to forcibly turn her head toward the man delivering the mist. Then the screaming commenced. I'm pretty sure there was no pain or suffering from the mist, but, oh the agony of it all! And to think that we will need to repeat said performance in four weeks...so looking forward to it.

The baby continues to maintain status quo. Yesterday he was very quiet until it was time for bed, at which point he proceeded to rotate around at least two full turns, perhaps trying to find a more comfortable place to rest his head. Good luck with that son. Guess where it is comfy? Oh, out here in the big bright world where you can stretch your limbs to your heart's content! It if it too roomy for you, I promise I'll swaddle you tightly so you feel at home.

Eight days until the due date and counting!

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