60 Posts 60 Days: Day 28


This, apparently, is my 100th post on this blog. Not that I would ever keep track, but Blogger does. Hmmm....wish I had some super cool news or the like to share or something great to give away, but alas, no.

We rearranged the house (yet again) to deal with changes in seasons and temperatures plus the addition of the new little Mullin. In the process, we brought the TV back upstairs, plugged in our converter box and, if I stand on one tiptoe with my right leg touching the futon and my left hand touching the doorknob while holding the antennae and singing the Star Spangled Banner, we can watch PBS. Well, it's not exactly that bad, but close. We are going to get (find amongst all of our junk) a longer coaxial cable and move that antenna around the perimeter of the room until we find the best location with the most consistent channels. We'll triumph over digital TV after all! Actually, we didn't get ANY reception on our old TV prior to the conversion to digital signals, so maybe this is good. Or maybe it is the start of that slippery slope we drug ourselves off of almost three years ago. Guess only time will tell.

Happy 100!

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