60 Posts 60 Days: Day 26

Nothing Extraordinary But Pleasantly Enjoyable

Today was a good day. It started poorly, but after something to eat and some tea things were better. Not too many meltdowns (me), not too much whining (me), no wet panties (Clare). Now we have Mike home for two days during which I seriously hope to take a nap. I've been missing those. Desperately.

Clare was quite cooperative this afternoon while I mowed the lawn. She played with a praying mantis we found by the garage, blew bubbles, and used her sidewalk chalk to decorate her tricycle. Now she is just waiting for it to rain so that she can redecorate it.

All in all, we spent about three and a half hours outside. There was a lot of imaginative play involving her outside toys, lots of rolling, flopping, and somersaulting in the grass, and tons of giggling. Tonight as she was eating her dinner she nearly fell asleep on several occasions. I love it when she has such a fun day that she is totally exhausted by the end of it. Now only if that would translate into an afternoon nap. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?

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