60 Posts 60 Days: Day 35

Hospital Visit and Childbirth Class

Tomorrow I have an appointment to meet with the woman in charge of educational classes at the local hospital where, presumably, this crazy little monkey will be born. I am the only person who signed up for childbirth classes so I get some one on one time at my convenience. Mike may or may not come. Let's keep in mind that he had missed all classes when I was pregnant with Clare because he was always working Monday through Thursday at some remote boat- or fly-in-cabin and classes were Wednesday nights. Not a problem. Plus, it was at the first one that he was actually in town for that my water broke ten minutes into class and I had to leave anyway. I'm pretty much going for the tour of the Labor and Delivery portion of the hospital, a few refreshers on pain management, a possible meeting with the CRNA to discuss pain management if the need arises, and to preregister.

It looks like we will be having a few visitors in the next couple of weeks. My dad is coming to assist on a wiring project and Mike's parents are coming so that he can go hunting and not leave his pregnant wife solo with the first child in case child number two decides to appear a bit early. Following their visit, my mom and baby sister will be coming to hang out until baby number two does decide to make an appearance or they get so bored of our little house and our little town that they make a made dash for home!

Not much happening on the home front today. Mike made some delicious smelling salsa and enchilada sauce (enchiladas for dinner tomorrow!) and I think I did some things although they must not have been very memorable because I really can't recall. I spent the day battling a headache and a general feeling of bodily grossness. Maybe migraine, but I can't quite tell yet. I'll know for sure tomorrow. Fingers are crossed that I am just a bit dehydrated or something????

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