60 Posts 60 Days: Day 25

Remembering Doug

A picture of his wife was on the Missoulian website this morning. Teresa Beed, meeting with potential grad students at the University of Montana. I read an e-mail from him today, about how we were always welcome in his home when we were in the Missoula area. Then I deleted it. Tonight at dinner, Mike (without any of this other information) said he had learned a few days ago, after an undeliverable e-mail, that Doug Beed, a giant among men, a soft-spoken, ever kindhearted, genuinely brilliant man, a friend, a teacher, one of the dearest people we know had passed away. Sadly, in April 2008. Why didn't we know before? I suppose that since we no longer live in Alaska, we haven't made as great an effort to maintain contact with those whom we love and cherish.

We saw Doug for the last time in December 2007 or January 2008 when we were visiting my parents for Christmas. He was battling cancer (after a misdiagnosis and extensive treatment for a disease he never had) but was feeling extremely positive about the success of his chemo. He was cheerful, spirited, and kind as always.

"I took full advantage of Montana by hunting, skiing and hiking whenever I could. This obituary is to mark my life. Those who knew me know that mark." Doug Beed, his own words in the obituary he wrote himself

And, in a final generous act of giving back:
In lieu of flowers or monetary gifts to charities, Doug challenges you to donate 10 hours of your personal time (over and above any normal hours already donated) to an organization of your choice that is known for helping others.

We are blessed to have had the privilege of knowing you, Doug Beed! You will always be an inspiration in our lives.

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