60 Posts 60 Days: Day 53

Sleepy Time With the Fresh Smelling Spiders

Just thought I'd mention once again that I love our basement now. Okay, so there still are giant spiders, other creepy crawlies, lots of dust and cobwebs, unfinished walls, and one scary furnace but the smell of ass is gone! Just so very sad it took us so long to get the problem fixed. I guess with summer just behind us, the season of open windows and continuous onion ring smelling air (from our local onion ring and blooming onion plant), and the house shut down tight to keep out cold air we became slightly more aware of the problem.

In news of other small miracles around the house, Clare decided today would be a good day to take a nap. I couldn't have agreed more. I did manage to sneak one in this morning while I was suppose to be watching The Land Before Time with her but that wasn't exactly fulfilling as I was sitting upright and pretending to answer her constant stream of questions. The nap this afternoon was actually in a bed with covers and a cuddly little body next to mine. And it lasted longer than 15 minutes. Two hours for me, two and a half for her. Plus, she was in such a pleasant, agreeable mood this afternoon. If this phenomenon could only be replicated on a more regular basis!

Have you noticed the countdown? Uh, yeah, now we are in the 50s. Even with the bad math, that is still fewer than ten days until D-day!!!!

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