60 Posts 60 Days: Day 27

What Is That Noise?

Silence is the answer. Twice today I was in the enviable position of having the house to myself. Well, the cats were still here, but they like to sleep a lot. And it was so quiet. Yes, sometimes Clare goes downstairs and watches a cartoon by herself, but I always spend my time anticipating the inevitable, "MOMMY. MMMMOOOOOOOOMMMMMMY!" and the thumping of tiny feet on the stairs, coming to get me. Not today. Clare and Mike took the recycling to the recycling center and later they went to the rodeo so Clare could further delve into her newest love affair: horses. Did I nap like I was suppose to? Nope. What I did do was clean the living room, thoroughly, without interruption. There was no bucket of LEGOS or pile of blankets making their way into my cleaning effort. There were no little feet tromping through the pile of dirt I had just swept. There was no demand for a snack, or lunch, or help on the potty, or anything! Thanks Mike!

The other noise we heard today that we haven't heard in a long time was the sound of rain on our roof. A nice steady rain. And if the forecast is to be believed we will be hearing much more of it tomorrow. We'll see. It is the desert after all.

Today marks 35 weeks of pregnancy. Just five weeks, or 35 days, to go. We'd better think of a name!

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