60 Posts 60 Days: Day 48

Still Holding Down the Fort

After a trip to the hospital last night due to some unexpected bleeding, I was sent home with the knowledge that the wee boy is doing fine and that I had three contractions during the time I was on the monitor. I was busy answering questions and what not and didn't even notice the first two. The third one was noticeable, but nothing more than uncomfortable. All about 10 minutes apart. They did continue through the night and this morning but eased up a bit this afternoon. The show is back on tonight but again they are not very strong, not well grouped, and probably just annoying enough to wake me up and keep me up. Hopefully either things will settle down for a while or there will be positive forward progress and Baby Mullin will make a slightly early appearance. Or, this might keep up for two more weeks so that I will be completely sleep deprived when he arrives. I think the smart money is on the latter.

Mike's parents were here for the week allowing me to take naps, lounge in my pajamas on the couch all day, and get a few minutes of solo time. Ah, the luxury!!! Thanks Bob and Carol.

Today we spent some time in the yard. Clare and I raked leaves into a large pile and she spent a good amount of time jumping in them, running through them, throwing them in the air, and picking small sticks out of them. No foreign objects in Clare's leaf pile. I also (finally) transplanted an echinacea plant that had been overgrown by one of our dogwoods. In my hurry to get all the little plants in the ground this spring I really overlooked certain details like appropriate space. I think it will be much happier in its new home and it will hopefully even out some of the other flowers planted in that bed. In the process I did end up showing off a tremendous amount of butt crack to all the traffic passing by. Sorry local residents, if I have offended any of you!

Due to the hospital visit last night, the long drive to Boise, and the potentially excruciatingly long wait in line there were no H1N1 vaccinations for the family today. We are hoping to catch the clinic next Friday much closer to home...

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