60 Posts 60 Days: Day 49

We Loved the Gibbon

Clare's birthday request was a trip to the zoo. We were planning on going on her birthday but the weather doesn't look so hot for tomorrow so we went today instead. She was super excited to show Mike all the things she has seen before since this was his first trip to this zoo. So excited in fact that she only went down the giraffe slide once. Those of you who have been to the zoo with her before will know that the giraffe slide is her favorite part. Seriously. On the three previous occasions that we have visited the zoo I have practically had to pry her away from the slide, but not today. The weather was great. Cool and sunny. We must have arrived soon after the animals were fed because most of them were pretty active. Which brings me to the gibbon.

Three gibbons (apes (no tail) - not monkeys (tail) as many parents were incorrectly telling their children) occupy one exhibit area. Two active but mellow sorts and one CRAZY teenager type. I have never seen anything like it. He was too cute. The other two were constantly on high alert as he would swing through the cage, jumping here and there, and with no warning attack one or the other of his mates. Play attacks, like a kitten wrestling, but of the full-on, full-speed variety. Mike and I truly loved his antics and had to drag ourselves away to appease the young birthday girl who wanted to look at the giraffes.

Super side note: the zoo smells a lot better at 50 degrees than it does at 100 degrees. Maybe only three seasons of visiting are in order.

Super Super side note: tomorrow my sweet baby will be a three year old!

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