60 Posts 60 Days: Day 38

After a year of sitting in a bag, the log cabin quilt top I made last October has finally been made into a quilt sandwich and rolled up for machine quilting. I was hoping to get started on that tonight, but with the arrival of the dear Chudda (my dad), Clare was in no mood to go to bed early. He is like the king of show and tell. She needs to show and explain everything to him. Their relationship is very interesting. For the first year and a half of her life she really wasn't too keen about him. He was always very gracious, saying that she would eventually come around. And she has. Boy does that girl every love her Chudda. I don't think there was even momentary shyness this time. She was in the bath when he arrived and she wanted him to come in and watch her float (a new trick that requires her baths have much less water than they use to and that she is super closely monitored). Then he got to see some of her things, but she was most interested in showing him where her books were. I think she might remember from his last visit all the story reading they did.

She doesn't know that he is here strictly on business and will not be available for fun until the wiring project is complete! Hopefully it might only involve a day of analysis, labor, and cleanup to get it all running properly. Fingers are crossed. That will give the two of them a couple days to just enjoy each others' company.

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